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Practice Appraisal And Brokerage

  • Comparisons to industry average & loan test
  • Real-time demographic data
  • Non-exclusive brokerage agreement
  • Advising through all stages

Business Tools for Dentistry

  • Cashflow Tools
  • Market Demographic and Practice-Specific Information
  • Project Cost Breakdown
  • Fee Analysis

Associate Opportunities

  • Free service to job seekers
  • Associate profile matches skill sets to openings
  • NOT Corporate Dentistry Positions
  • Current openings in multiple states

Startup & Acquisition Planning

  • Facilitation of financing approvals
  • Exclusive, real-time data on market/consumer behavior
  • Projections and cost breakdowns 
  • Introductions to key professional partners

Hiring An Associate

  • Needs Associate Profile matches preferences to qualified candidates
  • License and reference checks
  • Earn back placement fees through NDI partnerships
  • Position(s) posted to multiple job boards and dental-specific sites

Project & Growth Planning

  • Introductions to key professional partners
  • Facilitation of Associate buy-in with Structure and Deal Points
  • Historical Cashflow Analysis and Projections 
  • Project Cost Breakdown 

Dental Strategic is a Nashville Dental, Inc. company committed to supporting independent dental practices and dentists during each phase of their career and practice lifecycle.

The Dental Strategic Team has helped many practices and doctors nationally by introducing necessary business tools, partners, and resources. Contact our team today for more details on how we can serve you!

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