demographic data & analysis

Demographic Data & Analysis

A great practice cultivates earnings from opportunity. That is where strategic partners and experts can help you turn potential into patients. With our partner, we focus on bringing a plan to the table to identify areas of opportunity in your market, as well as a layout strategy on how to capitalize and increase your patient base. This starts with understanding your target market and what you are looking to accomplish. 

Through strategic planning, this team will help you:

  • Define your target patient and demographic
  • Answer where, when & how we engage
  • Define the pathway(s) to customers
  • Deliver the message
  • Set performance guidelines 

If your practice wants to identify growth opportunities, learn more about any information listed above, or have another specific interest that you would like data for, Dental Strategic can help you get that information.


How are the projections tied to the data and demographics of your area? Glad you asked!


Using a tool highly customized to you and your situation, we utilize market demographics to help develop projections for new patients, total patient flow, overall growth, etc.


Then we look at your historical production, expenses in the area, and a variety of other significant factors to help produce projections that you can use and manipulate for any potential situation. We can provide a tool that allows you to look at “what-if” scenarios around your practice and alter the data to plan for best and worst-case scenarios. You don’t have to wait until the next day to call and ask, you have the tool in front of you to be able to look at the short, medium, and long-term potential of your practice.


The tool also has Project costs included, loan terms and rates, construction costs, equipment purchases, and working capital amount borrowed. All of these items are built into the model that you can alter to see what you will need for financing, and what it will cost you over the life of a loan, and it all flows into the projection tool as well so you are getting an accurate estimate.

If you are interested in learning more about your market demographics and projections, Connect With Us!

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