Fee Analysis

Fee Analysis

Production and Collection goals are great to look at and are often discussed in an office, but how often do the building blocks of those goals get discussed? When was the last time your fees were updated? Do you know where your fees sit in relation to those around you?


Let’s start a conversation about how to make sure your practice is not being left behind! Work together to find where your Fee schedule compares within your area and let us help you do the math in seeing where you may be leaving some money on the table.


The Fee Analysis shows and compares your current individual fees between the 40th and 95th percentile. We can take that a step further and do the math on what kind of difference that will make to you based on the number of those specific procedures you performed in any given time frame. It will also help you make an informed decision to set those fees the next time you adjust them.


We can discuss how often you need to look at adjusting your fees or if you have not adjusted them in a while, how you can catch up. If it is necessary, we also have partners that help negotiate insurance contracts for you.

This information can also lead to other discussions such as:

  1. Are you interested in seeing what adding procedures could do for you?
  2. What can technology do for you?

Get the analysis and information you need to make the best decisions for your business.
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