Creating a Business Plan 

Creating a Business Plan

Creating a thorough Business Plan is an essential first step in the process of starting up or acquiring a dental practice. The Business Plan is not only an opportunity to highlight and address key concerns and considerations – It is an opportunity to display the viability of your practice to earn the funding needed for the practice to excel in its early stage.

The Dental Strategic team will discuss all key factors and goals with you to outline and create this Business Plan to distinguish your practice and secure the financing you are seeking.

  • Establish your Executive Summary
  • Outline your detailed goals
  • Highlight your market potential and feasibility with real-time demographic reports
  • Detail the description of your company
  • Create the framework of your organization and management structure
  • Detail your marketing and sales plan strategies
  • Support your plan with financial projections
  • Request funding

To reserve a time with the Dental Strategic team to discuss first steps, contact us!

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